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We visited back in 2019 and after a very long night travelling from Nuremberg we arrived in Baden-Baden at 8.00 am, dead tired. The city is famous for being so close to the Black Forest. As you can imagine, we were so hyped and very looking forward to hitchhiking our way to the Schwarzenbach Dam. Thus is a scenic dam offering fishing facilities as well as windsurfing and swimming.

Unfortunately, this will have to wait for the next time we visit Baden-Baden, as we didn’t have enough energy conserved to endure all of the adventure. Luckily for us, Baden-Baden is also very famous for the thermal waters. These emerge from 12 springs 2000 metres below the earth’s surface. Water is full of minerals and is pushed out at temperatures up to 68 degrees. A day to relax was absolutely what we needed.

The largest thermal spas in Baden-Baden are situated next to each other, being Caracalla Spa and Friedrichsbad. Prices start at around €20 for a whole day. So, it’s definitely worth going especially if you deserve some rest, as much as we did! The main difference between the two is that the latter is strictly nude bathing every day of the week, while Caracalla allows bathing in swimsuits.

Baden Baden travel blog

Around 5.00 pm we started our short hitchhiking adventure to the city of Karlsruhe. We were going to be hosted by a family thanks to the couchsurfing network. Couchsurfing is a free online network joining travellers and hosts together, sharing culture and experiences while being a massive helping hand to each other by reducing some travel expenses. Besides hosting, couchsurfing is used to host events and meetups around various cities around the world.

The Lovely City of Karlsruhe

This Baden Baden travel blog will take you to the town’s neighbouring city, Karlsruhe. If you’re in Karlsruhe we recommend watching the local football team playing if you’re lucky enough to be around during one of their league games or cup ties. The atmosphere in the Wildparkstadion is mind-blowing, and if you want to really be part of it, one should go for the behind the goal standing areas where the four groups of ultras sound their support for the team … for the WHOLE 90 minutes.

The Karlsruhe Palace offers a great attraction both during the day and evening, both in different ways. In the past, it served as the residence of the grand dukes of the city. Some parts of the building were destroyed by the bombing in 1944, but it was rebuilt into beautiful museums inside, while the exterior was restored.

Later in the evening, the atmosphere changes. Every day at around 9.00 pm, the front of the palace is used as a screen for a beautifully choreographed light show. Families gather in the large area in front of the palace, either laying on the grass or else with picnic tables enjoying dinner and the atmosphere such an event brings with it.

Baden Baden travel blog

The city offers various options on how to enjoy the night. Loads of bars and restaurants in the centre are looking very lively after 9.00 pm. One should head towards the Karlsruhe Pyramid and roam around in the central area of the city.

Getting to the Baden-Baden Airport……….

Don’t do the same mistake that we did. We honestly felt we were risking our lives but as things played out there weren’t as many other options.

Our flight was to leave at 5.00 am the following day. Therefore, to make the most of Karlsruhe, we decided to take the last public transport connection provided by Google Maps to get us to Baden-Baden Airport. This involved taking a tram, train and bus 293. Up until the train, everything worked out smoothly but then….. things didn’t go as planned.

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