A Day In Nuremberg

Things to Do in Nuremberg on a Budget. How to Spend a Day?

We landed in Nuremberg at approximately midnight, and to save on accommodation we settled at the airport. The plan was to try and catch some sleep and then set off to Nuremberg centre at 6.00 a.m. Nuremberg airport is a 1 hour and a 15-minute walk from the centre, so it did fit perfectly as a morning walk. On the way, one should check out Volkspark Marienberg which is a perfect chill-out resting spot.

Attractions in Nuremberg

A landmark in the city of Nurnberg is the Imperial Castle. Dating back to the 11th century, it offers stunning views of the city as well as a medieval feeling while walking through the castle complex.

Nürnberger Hauptmarkt is a small open-air street market, where one can find vendors selling fruits, meat, cooked food and gifts. It can be great to stack up on fresh food and snacks for the day, prepare a picnic bag or else just watch the locals go about their day.

Max-Morlock-Stadion is the home of 1. FC Nuremberg, the city’s professional football team currently playing their trade in the 2. Bundesliga.

The Bruckenfestival

The Brückenfestival is a yearly summer weekend festival in Nuremberg. The name translates to “Bridge Festival” and this is for the reason that it happens under the Theodor-Heuss-Bridge. The festival is a massive area full of food vendors, stages and people enjoying the atmosphere the festival brings with it. Visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to food, but the most popular would be the Nuremberg Rostbratwurst.

The festival brings with it a very chill vibe and can be enjoyed by everyone in any age group. We would personally suggest looking for the dates beforehand if making plans to visit Germany in the Summer months.

Things to do in Nuremberg

After making the most of The Brückenfestival it was time we headed to our night journey to Baden-Baden, one which has gone far from what we had planned.

Food… Everybody Loves Food, Right? 😀

Things to do in Nuremberg

Like most cities, Nuremberg has its own famous tasty foods that every visitor should AT LEAST have a bite of.

First and foremost the already mentioned Nuremberg Rostbratwurst. This is tasty local production of a 25gram sausage made only out of minced pork.

Probably the most famous type of bread in Nuremberg is the Bretzel. Such delicacy is a lovely snack throughout the day, and the best part is that it’s found in almost every corner of the city. Awesome!

The Drei im Weggla is as good as the Nuremberg Rostbratwurst, only four times better. Why four times? This is because the Drei im Weggla consists of THREE Nuremberg sausages covered in mustard and squashed in a single bun. Ugh, those cravings !!


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