Activities in Amsterdam – City Challenge

The Amsterdam City Challenge

The more we travel, the more we understand that exploring the city is really and truly when you’re actually on the go, without any specific plan, wandering the streets and interacting with locals – That’s basically the Amsterdam City Challenge in a nutshell!

As soon as arriving in a city, the first thing that comes to mind is the need and will to explore every corner of it. Searching online for the best sights and ‘what not to miss’ prior to the visit is always a great help. We do that as well, and sometimes for a very long period of time! There are many activities to do in Amsterdam, but none of them makes it this easy to explore this wonderful city!

On our first day in Amsterdam, we had a slight twist to our usual first day of exploring. We took on a Citygame that challenged us to interact with locals, walk around the city, bond and best of all explore the sights in a very interesting way without any specific plan ahead. This is the CITY CHALLENGE AMSTERDAM.

Amsterdam City Challenge

Elaborate, Please!

As we arrived at their office, Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 28, 1012 NH Amsterdam, we were given an iPad which was our guide throughout the day. The staff explained everything on how this would work, the route options, standard procedures etc. All the information needed was again available on the tablet including the route, information about the places we were visiting and an explanation of the tasks.

There are three routes one can choose from being either 3km (2hrs), 6km (3hrs) or 8km (5hrs). Combining reality with the virtual world, the Citygame consists of various tasks, each given a scenario. All of this is carried out while exploring the beautiful streets of Amsterdam and guess what, you don’t need to plan anything for the day. This city challenge sets out everything for you! Enough time is even given for a nice hot coffee or a snack in between challenges.

How Many Players Can Play?

Groups can be of any size, but one tablet is recommended to be shared between 2-4 players.

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Since you’re convinced you’ve got what it takes to complete the city challenge, don’t forget to mention where you got so hyped up from. Use the coupon CHARLSTRAVELS upon checkout and just for checking this out, you’ll get 10% off your total booking fee! Should be the first of many activities to do in Amsterdam! 😊

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