Travelling 3000km for (one hell of a) Party in Aars – Day 1 | Aarhus

Experimenting Backpacking with Parents – Day 1 in Aarhus

Ever heard of Aars, or maybe Aarhus? Naah, neither had we, until last year, when our favourite music group Italobrothers announced a party in this small town at the very northern part of Denmark. We checked the dates and luckily, flights were at their cheapest. The thing was that the Airport is in Billund – 150km south of Aars.

As we were planning our trip, we were faced with the following challenges:

  • Could we do a 4-day budget trip to Europe’s 5th most expensive country (2018)?
  • How would we get from Billund to a very remote small town, 150km away? 
  • How could we do this with both our Mums, who decided to join us on this particular trip? And let’s just say they’re not used to the terms “backpacking on a budget”! 

Flights were booked ✓

Next up was to get to Aars from Billund.

The first thing that came to mind, knowing we’ll be 4 people, was renting a car. Being 20 years old at the time, all rental companies required a hefty ‘young driver’s fee’ in addition to the actual rental cost of the car, and this is without adding the fully comprehensive insurance. You get the idea: car hire was not an option!

Public transport was not going to make it an easy journey, but a total of 6 hours while interchanging 3 buses was the only way to get us to Aars.

The Plan

We thought that splitting the journey in half would make it less tiring and more opportunistic to explore new cities. So, we decided to go for the coastal city of Aarhus, a 1 ½ hour bus ride from Billund.

After a plane and a bus ride, we made it to Aarhus at about 3.00 pm. It was time to give our lovely ladies the first taste of a backpacker’s budget hostel. The lobby was made out of recycled oil barrels, and reception out of wood planks. The hostel didn’t have any dormitories, instead super tiny rooms including a small bathroom (nothing fancy, just a toilet and a shower hanging over it). For us two, this was a completely normal scenario. As long as it’s clean up to a certain standard, has a roof and amongst the cheapest on the market, it’s a win in our eyes… Let’s just say others took their time to get used to the situation and the ambience around! 😂😂

Aarhus is Beautiful!

Aarhus is a wonderful city to visit! In our limited time, we visited the Deer Park, which in our opinion, is one of the best attractions in the city. One can get very close to those astonishing creatures and it’s also free to enter. Besides, it allows the deer and a few wild boars live in their natural habitat since this park is located within the Thors Woods. Also, feeding is allowed. So, preparing some fresh apples and carrots for them would definitely be a lovely experience!

After the deer park, the parents decided to call it a day as their energy levels were drained to the very limit they could cope with. I mean, we were proud of their first day, couldn’t complain. For us, as the sun starts to set, one thing comes to mind – FOOD! The only place you should think about if planning dinner in Aarhus would be the Aarhus Street Food. It’s basically an enormous garage filled with a large variety of street food stands. Without any doubt, the food there is extremely delicious, the vibe is very local and it’s surely much cheaper than dining out in a restaurant. On Fridays and Saturdays, the garage turns into a bar after 10 p.m.


Other Things to Do in Aarhus

Den Gamle By is an open-air historical museum. The museum is made up of a whole town consisting of 75 full-size historical buildings. All the personnel are dressed up in the historical folkloristic way, and anyone interested in learning more about Danish history should visit despite the entrance fee of 150DKK (€14).

Football – Here, you’ve got two choices:

Option A would be the Aarhus’ professional football team – AGF (Aarhus Gymnastikforening), playing in the Danish Superliga. The home stadium is a 20,000-seater Aarhus Idrætspark which was originally built back in 1920. Later on, it was renovated in 2001.

Option B is the local semi-pro football team, who proudly call themselves ‘Aarhus’ number two’. Matchday experience of second division side Aarhus Fremad fits exactly in the backpacker’s pocket. Tickets are much cheaper than the Superliga side and the same follows for the food and beer. Atmosphere-wise, you’ll get an experience you won’t get when watching a professional football team. Although it was not on a matchday, we had the opportunity to visit their home ground Riisvangen Stadion. It’s nothing like a stadium, with minimum seats available. The supporters’ area is beautifully spread on a grass-covered hilly slope, just a few metres away from the pitch. We can’t quite imagine what atmosphere they create, so close to the players, although we had a quite similar experience in the Netherlands when we watched a pre-season friendly between Ajax and Steua Bucuresti at Sportpark Het Achterveen (Hattem). It’s awesome!

To be honest, if we had time we would have done them both! Sadly this wasn’t the case and the Danish ground had to wait for Day 3 of our little visit!

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