Travelling 3000km for (one hell of a) Party in Aars – Day 2 | Party Time!

The plan was to arrive in Aars at around noon, so we started the day on a good note, by having breakfast, and we set off to a 3-hour journey. With over 100 km of ground to cover, we set our alarms early at 7.00 a.m. This wasn’t the easiest of tasks after all those beers the previous day. The Danish culture was growing into us way too soon!

We bought the train and bus tickets beforehand online and thanks to the DSB Orange Tickets scheme, we saved a lot on transport fees. This type of ticket is the same as all others, with the only restrictions being that you can only use it to travel on the agreed day and time schedule and cannot be refunded. It’s totally worth it when you consider that you’re getting the tickets over 50% cheaper! Do not let the large numbers on the site mislead you. Currency used is the Danish Kroner (DKK) where €1 is approx. equal to 7.47Dkk.

The Journey To Aars

Things to do in Aars

All the four of us boarded the train at 9.00 a.m., to arrive in the town of Hobro. As much as we would have loved to explore it, we had to rush to get on the next coach heading to Aars. I never recall seeing my mum move faster than she did in this instance. As funny as it was, that’s what we actually needed to do not be left stranded there for the next couple of hours!

12.15 p.m. sharp and there we were – Aars Bus Terminal. As soon as we set foot off the coach, we had already started feeling town vibes. At the moment, we were at the town centre, just a 3-minute walk away from the venue where the party was being held in a few hours time. As with most central areas (being in a small town didn’t help either), accommodation was very expensive. Therefore, we had a wonderful idea to settle in a small cottage in a camping ground I found online just a few weeks before.

Back to the town vibes, we did some digging at the bus terminal and luckily, a very helpful driver explained to us the bus and the exact location we needed to stop at.

Doing so, we got off the bus only to see 360° of greenery! Just pure greenery all around and an enormous breath of fresh air. It was like a desert, but quite the opposite – if it makes any sense! We were just a 15-minute walk away according to my phone, which I had to trust completely since no sign of civilisation could be seen … aside from that one car that passes every 5 minutes or so.


The Actual Party | Italobrothers

It was time! First thing our mothers told us was that they were planning to enjoy the night just as they used to do back to when they were …. let’s say, younger. Fine for us – party mode was on! Pre-drinking in our cottage at the campground, not entirely sure if alcohol was allowed! We didn’t seem to have bothered anyone and buying booze from a supermarket seemed to be the cheapest option!

We had a car getting us to the town centre, just a €10 entrance fee and we were in!

I remember being a kid walking home from football practice and listening to Italobrothers’ songs on my mp3 player, way back in 2006. I was always a fan of their music, but this party…. It was something else! The venue only consisted of two bar areas and one main room where the actual performance was being held. Not a big venue, but it was packed! The crowd was massive and it was so fun! Being so close to the stage, you automatically feel part of it. Basically, there’s no need to say this, but we didn’t want the night to end. Bring on tomorrow, oh sh*t!

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