Travelling 3000km for (one hell of a) Party in Aars – Day 3 | FC Midtjylland Stadium Hop

…..The Following Morning | Final Day

The central Danish city of Herning was waiting for us, and more importantly so was ticking off the Danish Superliga off the list by paying a visit to the MCH Arena, the FC Midtjylland stadium.

What a night that was! Unbelievable! None of us was in the mood of waking up early or waking up at all the following morning. Our bodies weren’t functioning properly, but this was not an excuse not to continue with the plan.

Kick-off was at 4 p.m. So, the target was to arrive at Herning by noon, at least. The journey to Herning had to include quite a long walk as well as two different buses, a total journey of 2.5 hours. Bus tickets were bought online beforehand, same as before using the DSB Orange ticket.

Our Plan for the Day in Herning – Visiting The FC Midtjylland Stadium

Herning is a very modern and innovative city! We don’t mean skyscrapers, but we felt like we were walking in a newly built space. We planned a different day for our parents than we did for ourselves. Taking into consideration how exhausted they’d be at this point in the trip, we booked them a relaxing day at a sauna facility. After briefly exploring the city centre on foot, we dropped them there to start getting pampered.

FC Midtjylland Stadium

For us, we had a different plan. We made way to the MCH Arena and made sure we were there over 2 hours before kick-off as the primary target was to meet a specific player Charlon had been following for a very long while! After managing to interact with some locals, we managed to arrive by the gate where the players make their entrance into the stadium, which actually was much more straight forward than I imagined.

We sat there… and waited… and waited. A lot of players went by but none of them whom we were actually waiting for. After a while, no other player made his way to the entrance and it was time we called our plan a failure. He must have arrived earlier than us, we assumed. However, as soon as we were walking away, a smart black Audi drove into the parking and there he was, a 6ft3 USA International, Bill Hamid! Finally! We were two of the very few fans left waiting for a photo. I’m really glad we met and actually, he was one of the easiest players we ever approached!

29-04-2018 | FC Midtjylland vs Aab at the Fc Midtjylland Stadium

Another league off the bucket list, the Danish Superliga. The 12,000-seater FC Midtjylland stadium was filled with roaring Danish supporters, backing their team who was fighting for the league title with Brondby. FC Midtjylland eventually ended up winners and it was surely merited as the class of football shown (at least in that match) was superb! 

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FC Midtjylland Stadium

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