Food in Seville: The City We Crossed Paths with the World of TAPAS and PAELLA!

Being highlighted as one of the best ‘Tapas city’ in Andalucia, the food in Seville really didn’t disappoint! This is always something that remains etched in our heads after visiting a country! It’s part of experiencing the culture when tasting new cuisines, ones that are not so popular back home.

But What Are Tapas?

We heard different stories and beliefs about where tapas originated from. The one we decided to go with was the legend about the Wise King of Spain, King Alphonso 10th. Legend says that he was going through some sort of a serious illness, and the doctors only allowed him to eat small portions of food along with some wine. After his recovery, he wanted that these small little portions will continue to be served along with alcohol servings, especially wine.

Food In Seville

We’re not entirely sure about the validity level of the story, but what we do know is that ‘tapas’ should be the ONLY thing one can think of when being hungry in Seville. These small portions of food can be anything from simple bread spread with tomato paste and basil to squid, octopus, meat soup, goat cheese or any speciality the particular bar or restaurant is offering. The price will range from €2 to €4 per tapas plate.

Our favourite street for eating tapas was the one starting from the ‘Catedral de Sevilla’, Calle Mateos Gago. It features some wonderful tapas bars, some of which also offering entertainment later at night. It’s very normal to have a young crowd gathering outside one of the bars singing and dancing to locals playing the guitars.

Paella is Our Second Favourite Food in Seville

Okay. So, we fell in love with one more thing in our four-day visit. Yep, you’ve guessed it. What’s a visit to Spain without tasting some nice Paella? Originating from Valencia, Paella comes in various types and tastes. While the main ingredient is always rice, the types vary from seafood, vegetarian and meat amongst anything you can think of. This dish is cooked in very large portions, then distributed in smaller portions per purchase.

Food In Seville

All This Food in Seville Will Make You Thirsty. What to Drink?

Getting around in Seville can be tiring, especially if doing it at a fast pace. With what shall you satisfy these thirsty needs? The first thing we wanted to go for when arriving in Seville was the fruity wine known as Sangria. Maybe it’s because back home in Malta it’s commonly sold in supermarkets and we’re always left longing for more taste. Spanish sangria comes with pieces of chopped fruit, and this wine surely tastes better here than from the plastic bottles we get from retail stores. If you’re thinking about going for the “local” version of sangria, then go for the Tinto de Verano which is pretty close to the previously mentioned drink.

Food In Seville

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