A Complete Guide to the Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

DISCLAIMER: The below content is for informational purposes only and should not be used or considered as an offer/promotion/encouragement to make use of such products from any of the coffee shops in Amsterdam. Always do so at your own risk and with responsibility to you, to others and your surroundings.

What’s one of the first things that come to mind when mentioning Amsterdam? Oh, come on, no need to lie! It is known as the European Weed capital and with valid reasons, although there is another city that seems to be competing for that title. Those known as coffee shops in Amsterdam, offer a very very wide range of selections, which we’ll go in more detail as you scroll through the blog.

The Coffee Shops in Amsterdam – First Things First …

The actual coffee in these coffee shops is not the best in town, unfortunately. Nonetheless, after spending some time inside these shops consuming their products, it’ll taste just fine 😉

You have to be over 18 years of age (ID required) to buy and, you can only purchase cannabis in quantities of 5 grams or less.

The environment inside is very calm (as you can imagine 😉 ) – everybody minding his own business.

A Map of how the coffee shops are distributed around the city can be found here.

Take cash to be on the safe side, as most of them do not accept card payments.

Coffee shops in Amsterdam are not allowed to sell alcohol. It’s the law, although in the city centre this law my be bent just a tiny bit!

Do not smoke tobacco in the coffee shops! The only type of tobacco allowed is that in the pre-rolled joints sold or else tobacco offered at the counter, most of the times for free.

Coffee shops in Amsterdam

About The Weed Itself

There are two main types of weed, and this selection can be vital. SATIVA and INDICA is the choice you’ll have to make, and this depends on how you’re actually planning the rest of the day or night.

Smoking Sativa will give you what you can call a head high. In simpler words, Sativa is the kind of weed that tends to make you laugh, energetic and one could say in that outgoing mood.

Indica, on the other hand, will give you that body high feeling. You can say it’s the complete opposite, where after smoking it you’ll feel lazy and sleepy: the type of feeling where your best friend will be a soft resting surface that you’ll end up feeling part of as time goes by. Therefore it’s not recommended to smoke Indica if for example planning to go to a party afterwards, staying out late etc.

1 gram of weed will cost something between €8 and €18 depending on factors such as its purity, strength etc. Especially if you’re in a group, do not start by buying a large amount each. Instead, SHARE! This is good because first of all, you’ll be able to try different kinds, enjoy it slowly and responsibility while also helping to bond even more during the experience!

Coffee shops in Amsterdam

Approaching the Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

Coffee shops outside the city centre tend to have better quality weed than central ones, therefor stronger! Keep this in mind and go slower when starting to experiment!

After choosing the coffee shop, one may feel a bit held back by that feeling of being shy or doesn’t know how to approach and ask questions to the budtender (yep, that’s a word!). DO NOT! It’s perfectly fine and that’s what they’re there for. Most of them will be more than happy to help out, explain to you the different products and will understand that this is maybe new for you, therefor not used to how things go.

You’ll be given a menu where it’ll feature different types of wees. Two of such will surely be Sativa and Indica, which we already explained above. These will be served in weighed buds, according to how much you’d like to purchase. These will be served as a bud, where you’ll have to grind it and roll them yourself. Most of the times after each selection, you’ll be able to see a rating (In below’s menu, this is represented by the little dog paws) of how strong the weed is. Our opinion – START BY THE LOWEST POSSIBLE!

Coffee shops in amsterdam

Another section could be Pre-rolled Joints. As the name suggests, these are readily rolled joints which would be weed mixed with tobacco. These could be a great start for beginners since they are tobacco mixed, they would be lighter than pure weed.

The Edibles: Space Cakes | Space Brownies | Space Muffins

Personally, the edibles were not our favourite. These are cakes, brownies or muffins mixed with a dose of cannabis. The difference between these and smoking is that the smoking effect generally hits you instantly. When it comes to such products, the effect will come in play a few hours later. If eaten in the evening, the case may be that the effect is felt in the morning, the day after. This therefore might clash with your plan to spend the day exploring the city, for instance!

What If…. You’re Feeling More Light Headed Than You Should?!

If feeling unwell, stating the obvious here – STOP smoking! Then look to raise your sugar levels by eating a snack (available either at the bar or snack machines inside the coffeeshop) and drinking water!

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