Anyone Looking for a Budget Winter Destination?

Great! You probably just clicked this title because you’re actually thinking of travelling to somewhere different for the next cold months. That’s AWESOME! But, WHERE? We are going to share with you our favourite budget winter destination so far, a place that we would go over and over…. and over again!

So, Where Are We Going?

Where we come from, the closest we get to snow is small blocks of hail. We had never experienced the real feeling of snow until we discovered Zakopane, a gem of a town on the southern part of Poland, at the base of the Tatras mountains. Mesmerising snowfall compliments the day in winter. The closest airport to it would be Krakow. Luckily, most of the major budget airlines fly there. It’s awesome – you can get a flight for as low as €9.99 per person each way, ridiculously cheap and easy. We’ll show you how here as well.

As soon as arriving in Krakow, your best and cheapest option would be a direct coach leaving from Krakow Central Bus station. The trip takes about 2 hours and you can get tickets for as cheap as €5 each way. There are more than one company who offer the journey, but you can find the best one that suits you on CheckMyBus. This is like Skyscanner, but for land transport. Really, it’s amazing!

Budget winter destination

What Not to Forget?

As you can imagine from the introduction we gave and the pictures, Zakopane is very cold! It may seem obvious, but it wasn’t for us. A winter thick jacket, trousers and winter (hence, fleecy and woollen) clothes will come to mind naturally (we hope!).

One thing that didn’t come to ours was the magic of nonslip and waterproof boots or attachable grips! As we had never experienced something like that, we casually got out of the bus with two trainers as if we were going for a stroll in the park with our dog. At the end of each day, we ended up with our feet blue even though we were forcing ourselves to wear a minimum of three pairs of thick socks each.

Why Would You Choose Zakopane as Your Budget Winter Destination?

As the title suggests, a budget winter destination should be…. wintery. Snow shopping, skiing, snowboarding, frozen lakes, cheap delicious food and snow-themed evenings are few of the reasons you should start seriously thinking about visiting Zakopane soon! But first, continue reading about our favourite activity to do in this special town!

Budget winter destination

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