Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona: Are They Better Than Amsterdam’s Coffeeshops?

DISCLAIMER: The below content is for informational purposes only and should not be used or considered as an offer/promotion/encouragement to make use of such products from any of the Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona, or anywhere else in the world. Always do so at your own risk and with a responsibility to you, to others and your surroundings.

The thing we look for in each of our trips is a different experience than we already had before. Last year we travelled to Amsterdam, and like many others who visit the city, we went to experience the weed capital of Europe. Our experience was wonderful and fun by all means, but we never felt that our experience was authentic and close to the locals. We felt that the industry is directed too much towards the tourist, and very few locals make use of the popular Coffeeshops in the city. Little did we know that a much more authentic experience existed in another city until we were told about the Cannabis clubs in Barcelona.

Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona vs Amsterdam’s Coffeeshops

Are they the same? Yes and no. Yes – because both of them are an indoor space where you can legally smoke weed. No – because of everything else!

Unlike Amsterdam’s coffeeshops, you can’t simply walk in a Cannabis Club. The formal way would be to go there by requesting an invitation. You can do so online, and for that we highly recommend The platform has all the How’s, Who’s, When’s and Where’s of the weed culture, and they’ll hook you up with the best club depending solely on what you’re looking for. The experience should be only about you and they’ve got connections all around the city!

Opposite to Amsterdam coffee-shops, Cannabis clubs in Barcelona are not commercially focused. They are private and discreet on the outside and inside they are like a cosy living room with comfortable sofas, game tables, kind staff and a unique ambience. At a Barcelona Cannabis club, you will have a relaxed experience and enjoy different cannabis products and munchies in a safe, warm and peaceful atmosphere.

What made the experience better than that of Amsterdam was that in these Cannabis clubs you’re given more attention. The budtender will happily explain each of the local and/or foreign strains available, extracts and edibles. They’ll ask you what you’re looking for as an experience and how you’re planning to spend the rest of the day or night, then depending on how you answer, they’ll recommend the right product for you.

The Legality of Cannabis in Barcelona

Is Cannabis in Barcelona Legal? Now that’s kind of a grey area. It is legal to consume weed in a private place, being your own home or else a Cannabis club. Doing so in a public place or else found in possession of cannabis products on the streets would be breaking the law. Buying from a street dealer is strictly prohibited and also street promoters as it’s illegal to promote a Cannabis club in Barcelona.

In Barcelona, you do not ‘buy’ weed. Instead, you can ‘get’, ‘use’, ‘try’ or ‘share’ some weed. As a member of a cannabis club, you’ll be making part of the club’s ‘family’ where you’re sharing and contributing to the weed grown by the club. It’s not a store or a shop, it’s a ‘Cannabis appreciation society’.

Which Club Do We Recommend?

We were recommended by CannabisBarcelona to visit Dragon Weed, one of the oldest and most reputable in the city and it certainly didn’t disappoint! The experience is very comfortable, the setting is great and much rather local. The staff are wonderful and were more than happy to show us around while explaining their products to us. The club is just a pleasant 10-minute walk from Placa de Catalunya and is open Monday to Friday from noon until midnight.

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