Getting Around in Cyprus: Car Hire or Public Transport?

First trip of the decade and we landed in country #13. For most of our trips, public transport has been our first choice – well nine times out of ten at least. However, getting around in Cyprus had a slight twist as we opted for car hire. That was for three simple reasons: Price, Time & Efficiency!

Price: Regional public transport costs โ‚ฌ1.50 per trip while Intercity trips cost โ‚ฌ7.00 each way. Having in mind we needed to at least cover three different cities in a day, that would have tallied up to โ‚ฌ42.00 in intercity bus fares altogether, which is much more than the fee to rent a car.

Time: Since our trip was only made up of three days, time had to be used very wisely! Laying over at a bus station or spending extra hours on a bus was not an option.

Efficiency: The timing of the buses is not very efficient in Cyprus. Except for a few routes, buses are not frequent at all. Despite that, the service ends rather early in the evening. For example, mentioning just one trip from Nicosia to Paphos, the last trip leaves at 19.00hrs.  

Getting Around in Cyprus

Getting around in Cyprus

Our trip had to start and end in Paphos, on the west side of the island, and consisted of only three full days. During this time, we wanted to explore Paphos, some neighbouring towns, Akrotiri & Dhekelia and visit Nicosia for a football stadium hop at the GSP Stadium. We drove well over 450km in just one single day. That’s more than half the distance we did on our road trip around Sicily in 4 days!

Doing so in a short period of time just wasnโ€™t possible and being two persons, made much more sense renting a car in terms of both budget and time.

Being a British colony in the past, Cyprus is one of four countries in Europe that drives on the left-hand side of the road. That made it even easier for us as this resembles the side we drive on back home in Malta. At certain points in time, we forgot that we were driving on foreign land! Driving around the island is pretty straight forward with ample parking spaces available wherever you go.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the island is divided between the Republic of Cyprus and Northern Cyprus, which interestingly enough is a state only recognised by Turkey. Renting a car on one end doesn’t necessarily mean you can cross over to the other. Doing so without having the cross-border insurance will simply mean that in case of an emergency, you won’t be covered.

Getting around in Cyprus

Where to Rent a Car in Paphos?

We always love to support and use a local family business, and for anyone like us landing in Paphos, we totally recommend A&G Rent-A-Car. The small company offers a range of rental car classes with unbeatable prices (especially if you are two or more people). Their office is located in an area called Agiou Filonos, but if youโ€™re renting for 3 days or more they will be more than happy to bring the car to you at Paphos airport.

Besides the awesome rates A&G Rent-A-Car offer, they make sure to cater to all customers individually and do their best to help you make the most of the trip. The people working at the rental company are very knowledgeable about the island and were very excited to help us with any questions we had. Any questions and/or bookings can be sent via email to

A&G Rent-A-Car offers chauffeur driven taxi service as well for getting around in Cyprus in more comfort. Such service is offered from/to both Larnaca and Paphos Airports and basically anywhere in the vicinities. Other services offered are day trips and multiple excursions around Cyprus.

Getting around in Cyprus

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