Tackling Gibraltar’s Expensive Accommodation

Searching For Cheap Accommodation in Gibraltar? Hop On!

Cheap Accommodation in Gibraltar

The biggest challenge while planning this trip was to find cheap accommodation in Gibraltar, and visiting during the Christmas period did not help one bit!

After a few months of our first attempt to visit Gibraltar, we decided to have another go. Thankfully, this time things went much smoother for us. Gibraltar is a small overseas British territory right on Spain’s south coast, and it is actually one of the most densely populated in the world. Its main currency is Pounds but Euro is also accepted in most places. Although it sits well over a thousand miles off the UK’s coast, prices are in line with what you expect to find there. As always, planning is key for low-budget travelling.  

A Background About Gibraltar

During the second world war, Gibraltar was a very important base for the UK. This is because it controlled the entrance of the Mediterranean Sea. Nowadays, the majority of its economy is driven by tourism, financial services, online gambling companies and the refuelling of cargo ships. 

The most iconic spot in Gibraltar is undoubtedly ‘The Rock’, being one of the main reason millions of tourists visit Gibraltar. This is a 1,398 feet high monolithic rock, covered by a nature reserve. Perhaps the most interesting thing is that it’s home to over 300 cute loving Barbary macaques.

As soon as crossing the Spanish-Gibraltar border, you’ll soon feel that you’ve stepped in a completely different country. Most people speak English, British English that is.  The red buses alone would make you feel as if you are in London. These are complemented by the occasional red telephone box which continues to give that nice British feel.

Getting to Gibraltar

If you’re planning on doing this trip on a low strict budget, wipe out the idea of landing at the Gibraltar airport. Don’t even think about it, not only because flights are costly but because flights landing in Gibraltar are coming from either the UK or Morocco. Planning a return flight like that will cost a minimum of €200.

The cheapest way to get to Gibraltar would be to land either at Seville or Malaga airport. Then this is followed by getting a coach to Gibraltar. Like in our case, being a group of 4 or more, it was even cheaper to rent a car and driving all the way there. If doing so, keep in mind that Gibraltar is NOT part of Spain. Therefore, if you are planning to drive into Gibraltar, one must purchase a cross-border insurance policy. We just didn’t and left our car parked 15-minutes away from the border.

Cheap Accommodation in Gibraltar

And That Brings Us to the Cheap Accommodation in Gibraltar. Where Can You Sleep for Less Than €15 per Person per Night?

The Short Answer – SLEEP IN SPAIN

Cheap Accommodation in Gibraltar

Cheap accommodation in Gibraltar is not a very popular phrase. Prices are not at all adequate for the budget traveller! The cheapest option we found ourselves was a €100 per night for a double room. Add that up for the three nights we spent there, and you’ve got much more than half of the budget we allocated for this trip.

Surely, there was another way around this, and after a few hours staring at a static google map image of Gibraltar and its surroundings, it got to our minds to search how long it would take to walk to the border from the main square of La Linea de la Concepcion – the neighbouring town of Gibraltar. That was less than 15 minutes, and there began the search for accommodation.

Contrasting with prices in Gibraltar, budget double rooms in La Linea go for around €30 per night while hotels will cost a bit more. Still, MUCH CHEAPER than staying in Gibraltar. At the end of the day, it is a short walk to and from the border. This will give you a bigger chance of seeing one of the few daily flights land. I mean, how many times in your life are you going to have to cross through an airport’s runway to enter a country?

Cheap Accommodation in Gibraltar

Also, staying in La Linea will give you the option to dine out or maybe do some bar hopping in a much cheaper environment than Gibraltar before heading in. We just emphasize to carry BOTH your passport and ID cards with you in a safe place, at ALL TIMES – just to make sure not to have the experience we had the first time we attempted to visit Gibraltar!

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