A Slovakian Money Saving Tip: The Bratislava Card

We landed in Slovakia, ready to take on our 15th country. While travelling, we try to be as smart as possible and in this case we did exactly that by using the Bratislava Card. Every little counts, especially if travelling frequently or else long-term. Those few Euro we saved when booking that hostel, means tomorrow’s morning coffee – and so on!

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On the same note, Bratislava has so much to offer at very cheap prices, say food, drinks and alcohol, especially when compared to central Europe. Basically, our nights consisted of hopping from one bar to another, enjoying those addictive glasses of white wine and pints of Zlatý Bažant. But we could only afford to do that because a pint of beer will set you back just €1, an Aperol Spritz is roughly €2.50 and a strong Long Island Ice Tea would be €3. That’s a BAR-gain!

Surely, however, there was much more we could do to manage our budgets efficiently while exploring the city!

So, What is it?

Although it’s already relatively cheap, it’s still possible to save some money. We did it by using the Bratislava Card that enabled us to explore the city on a cheaper budget and also hassle-free.

The first major discount included is on public transport – and guess what? It’s completely FREE. Yep, free public transport in all the Bratislava region.

Is it Worth it to Get the Bratislava Card?

Let’s be honest. If you’re planning to spend your days in Bratislava in your hostel’s living room, sipping on hot cocoa while reading through your favourite novel – then no, it’s not.

BUT, if you’re more like us, ready to explore every corner of the city, then the Bratislava Card is a gem!

What is Included?

It’s impossible to go through all the freebies and discounts. Otherwise, we’ll be here for ages! So, we picked what we thought was the best and most interesting from our personal experience.

Firstly, FREEBIES. Here are our top 4:

Public Transport

As already mentioned, the card is the only ‘ticket’ you’ll be needing for all public transport systems. This allows unlimited travel in all zones (city & region) on trams, trolleybuses and buses (lines 1 – 740), night buses (N21 to N99) and trains (lines S).

1-Hour Guided Walking Tour of the City Center

WE LOVED THIS! It’s great when you have the opportunity to get to know the stories and some history of the places you visit. It enabled us to appreciate it much more, knowing what it meant to the people that lived before us. The guide knew the history as if she lived through it. She made the tour fun and informative, and we really recommend this to be one of the first things you do when you arrive in Bratislava!

The 1-hour walking tour leaves daily from the Bratislava tourist office at 14.00 and is totally free for anyone with a Bratislava card to join. Just give a notice when booking or picking up the card about which day you would like to join.

Castle Hopping

Who loves castles? For anyone visiting Bratislava, the Devin Castle is surely on their ‘to-do list’. Situated about 15 km outside the city centre, this is one of the eldest castles in Slovakia. Not only it’s a beauty to look at, but it is an experience in itself to walk up the fortified walls while glimpsing on the Danube river. You can easily get there by public transport, and the castle’s admission is totally free, thanks to the Bratislava card.

How about the Bratislava Castle? This one is situated right in the city centre and its museum showcases the progression of society from medieval times up until today. Again, admission is free when having the Bratislava Card.

More free admissions are included and besides, the card holds up to a 20% discount off selected restaurants such as the Slovak Pub and the Hradna Hviezda.

If you are eager to find out more, click here for the full list of freebies and discounts. Sit tight, as the list is just HUGE!

Types Of Bratislava Card Available

The card is available for online purchase for either 24 (€18), 48 (€22) or 72 (€25) hours, with the latter being the most economical of them all. Check out the Visit Bratislava official website for more information and don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or requests. You can do that also via their Facebook page as if you’re speaking to a long-known friend. In the end, they’re a bunch of nice folks ready to help upon your visit to Bratislava!

The Bratislava Card

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