Hopping Amongst the Hidden Bars in Bratislava

Anyone looking for a night out? On one fine night in Slovakia, we went out without any plans at all seeking to find some cool local pubs. Luckily, many …many pints later, we bring to you our top 3 hidden bars in Bratislava.

Not being so familiar with a foreign city, one might look first at the areas which are most dense with bars and nightclubs. Such roads are like Khao San Road in Bangkok, Red Light District in Amsterdam and the Soho District in London. Often enough, these would be the most touristic therefore prices will be higher and besides, they miss the most important thing … the local vibe!

The Top 3 Hidden Bars in Bratislava

The Dungeon Pub

Among the hidden bars in Bratislava, this is surely the coolest one! It’s actually known as a ‘one of a kind geek pub in all of Slovakia’. It’s our top favourite by a mile and we could spend countless nights here! It’s some way similar to the board game cafes we mentioned a while ago, just in the Dungeon Pub, they’re free to play.

Besides the board games, table football is a very popular activity as certain games can become rather competitive (in a brotherly way). Xbox & Ps4 stations are also available offering a variety of games. We can’t ever imagine being bored in such a place. Also, daily activities are organised, such as Karaoke nights, quizzes (in English) as well as beer pong tournaments.

The pub perfectly fits the blog’s title, as it’s kind of hidden … underground. Access is from Stefanikova Street and this is its exact location!

Don’t forget to grab a bite to last longer through the night! Head out and look for one of our favourite Slovakian food. The top spot is taken by a dish called Bryndzove Halušky, our absolute favourite! Local Slovakian food doesn’t come any better. The country is well known for its sheep cheese, and it’s super delicious! This is actually one of the national Slovak dishes, and honestly, we get where that’s coming from.

GoodZone Bar & Cyber ​​Club

Frequently visited mainly by locals, this bar is situated on Obchodna street. Its cheap drinks surely made us stay longer than we planned. It’s great to visit after eating a traditional Slovak meal from our favourite place in town since it’s only a few steps away.

Starter Pub

A few meters away on the same street lies Starter Pub. We were attracted by the entrance, as you’ll have to walk through a small garden to enter the bar. The design of its interior is beautiful, mostly wooden benches and tables along with artistically painted walls.

A few arcade machines are scattered throughout the place, along with table football which seems to be a very popular bar game in Slovakia. As you can imagine, cheap beer and drinks are in abundance. The place was just perfect to round up what was a very eventful night!

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