23 days to go… How are we getting ready?

Although all of this is just 23 days away now, we still feel the whole concept of travelling full time didn’t yet fully sink in. It almost feels like we’re going on a regular trip of ours, or else maybe like going to Thailand for 3 weeks (which is the longest period of time we’ve spent away from home, by the way). Preparing to travel full time involves many hours, and we’re doing our best to dedicate as much time on it as possible. Here’s a run-through of what we’ve been mostly thinking about, so far! 

The Packing List

This is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind. What in the world am I going to take with me on a long-term journey? What items should be classified as important enough to be added into our limited backpack (which has to be carried every step of the way)? 

In our case, we divided all the travel essentials into 7 different categories, in order to have a better understanding of each item and their use. The categories are: 

preparing to travel full time

It’s very important to make sure that if possible, all the items included in the final list can serve more than one purpose. We’ll be giving a much deeper guide on each of these after we depart because at the moment, we still don’t have a clear picture of them ourselves. The two major problems seem to be space and weight since every item we own feels important. However, one of the motto’s we’ve been using has been very effective, and that is by asking two simple questions to one another.

1. If we were hiking up a mountain, is this item worth enough to be carried on our backs? 

2. In reality, what is the worse situation we could end up in if we did not have this item through our travels?

Depending on the answer to both of these questions, we would then make the ultimate decision to either keep or dump the specific item deep into one of our bedroom drawers.

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Briefly Planning the First Two Months 

Although we would love to take a step back and just see where the journey takes us, both of us are really used to planning ahead. Being on a very tight budget, it can sometimes be very risky to just go all the way with the flow – as it’s highly unlikely we’ll get the cheapest deals by doing that. Therefore, we decided to devote a bit of our time to briefly plan the first two months, in other words, August and September. You can’t imagine how many times the plan changed, like too many times if you had to ask us. We’re kind of spoilt for choice on the places to go and things to do, and this can sometimes make it even tougher to plan and decide.

preparing to travel full time

Finding Ways to Sustain our Travels 

Planning the first months isn’t just sights we want to see and places we wish to visit. That’s actually the easiest part! The tougher part is finding ways to sustain our travels, earning some money along the way and finding smart ways to save some as well.  We’ve been mostly looking at jobs or volunteering opportunities in exchange for meals and accommodation, which are undoubtedly two of the most expensive things a traveller faces along the way. There are PLENTY of platforms to help you in your search, such as Workaway, Worldpackers, Trusted House Sitters, Hippo Help, WWoof etc. 

Lastly, We’ve Definitely Been Enjoying Home! 

We’ve also been emotionally preparing to travel full-time! Both of us have spent the last three years living in Malta because of studies and work duties while visiting home for just a day or two whenever we were free to do so. We decided that for the last month in Malta, we should move back to Gozo and spend some time with the family while exploring places around the small island which we never really had time to appreciate before.

It’s amazing how many beautiful places lie around, some of which we had no clue about at all!


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