Our Last Blog…

While we are fully aware that the COVID-19 pandemic is nowhere near over, we can finally start to get excited to travel once again. It surely seems that Europe is on the right track in winning over this virus, and this gave us a great boost in taking some very important decisions. 

Initially, we were aiming to start our full-time travel adventure at the beginning of October, but since the pandemic started, every month did honestly feel like a whole year! We started working from home, therefore spending most of our time trapped between the same four walls without the ability to interact with others. It’s been tough, and there was no way we were waiting another couple of months.

We spontaneously decided to move the date closer to the beginning of September and the ‘flight-search’ marathon started. We monitored our top 2 destinations for a week or so but they either remained expensive or there weren’t any flights available. The only flight that made SOME sense was the one to Madrid on the 31st of July… which at the time seemed too early. Some days later, like a wave of courage hit us and we both said “Well, fu*k it. The 31st of July it is!” and we booked that same flight!

For the time being, we are nowhere near trying to promote travel in the same way most of us were used to before. All the necessary precautions must be taken and we firmly believe that every individual must evaluate the risks imposed, as well as the particular reasons and motivation to travel. Personally, we just felt our mindsets were only set on one thing – that to start living the dream of travelling the world full-time. 

Is it completely safe? 

Surely not, but in reality nothing is! 

Are we willing to take the risk? 


Now, What is Our Plan? 

Landing in a major beautiful city in Spain only means that we have to take every opportunity to wander around. We aren’t planning to plan out our travels to the very last detail, actually the contrary! We are thinking of spending 4 days in Madrid, head off to Lisbon and travel north to Porto where we’ll start the Camino Portuguese.

We decided to take the hike slow – very slow actually. We want to have time to immerse ourselves into the small towns we pass through and get enough time to explore as we go along.

While we pack our backpacks and go over our checklists, our website will be on maintenance mode as we prepared a bit of a twist to mirror the change in both our lifestyles. The blog will be up again on the 31st July, the day we set foot to start our adventure.

We will do our best to keep you updated along our journey. Until the big day arrives, follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we prepare ourselves for what will surely be the most exciting and challenging experience yet!


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