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Compared to many parts of Europe, Athens offers a fantastic range of hostels for any low-budget traveller. However, how many of them are stylish, luxurious, cheap and central … at the same time? Athens Hub Hostel offers all four, we’re not kidding!

Athens Hub Hostel

Athens has been one hell of an experience. It’s a city where the modern mind meets ancient history, the cuisine is exceptional and most of all, the city’s culture is very rich. In fact, there are too many places to visit and explore – meaning one heck of a busy schedule! 

Since our main aim was to see as many sights as possible, it was so great to stay at the very heart of the city (which felt super convenient, to say the least). And when we say central, we mean it! The Acropolis, the Temple of Hephaestus, the Altar of Aphrodite, the Monastiraki Flea Market and Mount Lycabettus (among others) are all world-known sights that are located within a short walking distance of Athens Hub Hostel.

So, not only is the hostel ideal as a budget accommodation in itself but also it helped us to avoid wasting time in unnecessary transportation.

The Neighbourhood

The Hostel is located in a neighbourhood called Psyri. We felt that the neighbourhood gave an authentic Greek feel, which comes very lively especially in the evening. There is a great choice of bars and tavernas in the two adjacent roads to the hostel, however, our absolute favourite was Aiolou Street.

On our last day in Athens, we came across an Indian-Pakistani neighbourhood which is just 5-10 minutes away from the hostel itself. There are some local restaurants to die for, which fit perfectly into the budget traveller’s pockets!

How About The Rooms? 

Okay, the rooms … let’s see. We stayed in an 8-bed dorm room, which felt more like a mini hall rather than a room. It’s fitted with an AC which feels like heaven after a few hours strolling outdoors in the Greek high temperatures.

Travelling during the pandemic alone is allowing us to enjoy beautiful places in peace … dorm rooms included. In an 8-bed dormitory, only two other beds were occupied! So, it was pretty much quiet all day and all night long. The hostel is doing a pretty good job dividing guests in all dorm rooms to avoid getting many people in the same room. Everybody (both guests and staff) are super friendly and they’re all ready to help in whatever is needed.

Also, we can’t just forget to mention the beds. They are spacious, unlike some other dorm rooms we’ve stayed in. They have enough space to move around. It wasn’t just our bed but our office space and changing room… all combined in one. But we couldn’t have done any of those deeds comfortably if there weren’t any bed curtains. Having some privacy is essential, of course!

In total, the hostel includes 44 shared beds in mixed as well as female-only dorms – and private rooms with en suite bathrooms too. The rooms even provide balconies for guests to enjoy some fresh air, overlooking the adjacent street!

Athens Hub Hostel

Showers & Toilets

OH MY GOSH! They’re amazing. 

Every floor (3 dorm rooms) has its own showers and toilets which makes it quite rare to find it full. Besides, there are approx. 6 sinks, 4 toilets (2 for men and 2 for women) and 4 showers on every floor – which is way more than enough. 

The Common Areas 

·      Athens Hub Café – the bar is open to visitors and guests alike, offering any kind of beverages and cocktails at any time … along with an appetizing Greek breakfast or other cold dishes and snacks. 

·      The Rooftop Garden –This is exclusively dedicated to the use of the hostel’s guests. It feels amazing to just chill up there with a couple of beers, having a laugh with whoever happens to pop by.

Wherever you might feel like going, they’re both open at any time during the day, surrounded with a pleasant, vibrant and welcoming vibe. 

Athens Hub Hostel Offers Activities Too…

We must admit, we visited at the worst possible time in regards to activities! In normal circumstances, they would organise many ice-breaking activities for guests to interact, however, due to COVID-19 they had to take a step back in order to ensure the maximum safety of both guests and staff.

Athens Hub Hostel

HOWEVER, despite COVID-19, there are still some exciting tours that the hostel holds, which includes a pub crawl (with access to discounts, free shots as well as open bars) and city bike tours.  

Overall, all we have to say is that we were welcomed with open arms, allowing us to make friends with other travellers from around the globe while having the chance to learn all about the unique artistic, cultural, and historical factors that make Athens such a special city! Bookmark this link for ease of access next time you’re planning to visit Athens! ❤️

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