Skyros to Vienna | Our Last 3 Days in Greece

Journal Entry 10


Arriving here was no easy task. We had to deal with three tiring travel days, from Skyros all the way to the Austrian capital.

So, Why Did We Choose Vienna?

Okay, the primary reason why we did choose Vienna is because of … you’ll never guess it … the weather!

Yep, we’re in love with cold chilly weather, especially after spending a month on a boiling hot Greek Island. Actually, this was one of the things we discussed before we embarked on our full-time travel journey – we agreed that we would go where the sun actually doesn’t. However, as the unfortunate happened before we left on the original route, we had no choice but to start from a hot summer paradise.

2nd September 2020

We said our goodbyes on the previous night while shedding some tears as we clearly were not yet ready to leave such amazing people behind. Parting ways is never an easy task.

We got a friend from the farm to drive us to Linaria port at 7:15 am to catch the 8:00 am ferry – the only one due to leave the island on that day.

The Highlight Of It All – Getting to Athens

Initially, our plan was to catch a bus from the port of Kymi straight to Athens, which would have costed us €30 in total. Although we could afford them, there was a voice in Charlotte’s head saying that there was an alternative … she just wanted to look for it, LITERALLY!

Charlotte – Basically, I had an idea to go around the ferry after it departs and just ask people if they were going to Athens by car. Surely somebody would be nice enough and give us a ride! When it was time to do so, I got second thoughts about it and at a point, we both were determined to just pay for the bus. 

It’s one thing standing on the side of the road, holding a sign or else a hand gesture – and it’s another when you’re directly confronting people face to face. I wanted to do this not just to avoid paying the bus ticket (although that was lovely nonetheless!), but more than that to do something that pushes myself out of my comfort zone.

Okay, so I ordered a freddo cappuccino (to make myself look a bit Greek), challenged my inner fear and left! 10 minutes later, I went back to our seat with my smile upside down, sat there and just processed the feeling of rejection. 

Charlon greeted me with an “I told you so!” – as he was not optimist at all about my plan. His words seemed to fill me up with more courage, and now I had a new motive to go out and prove myself that hey – I can do this!

I went again, this time to different sections of the ferry, asking people the same question over and over … until I got to the furthest corner of the ferry – the very last spot that I hadn’t been to as of yet. 

OMG! I FOUND US A RIDE! I can’t describe the feeling I felt when they accepted to take us with them to Athens (and they eventually gave us a door-to-door service as well). They were two Greek angels who even invited us to go to the beach with them halfway through our journey. We talked about everything – Greek culture, Maltese culture, the meaning behind Charlon’s tattoos, our travels… After two hours we both felt as if we knew each other for a long time. They made our day, most especially my day! I literally can’t describe the emotional power they instilled in me. 

Upon arriving, we checked into our hostel, got a proper shower and just chilled there for the rest of the day. Charlon went out to get the hair cut he’s been desiring for a month – as he demands that only a proper barber has access to mess with his hair. Boys!

3rd September 2020

Because we had already discovered Athens before we headed to Skyros, we had no intentions to do so again. We just needed to rest for the day … and that’s exactly what we did. 

We repacked everything out of our rooms and chilled in the hostel’s common area until midnight. We worked on some behind the scenes from our Instagram and blog, caught up on some Netflix, watched Malta’s encounter with the Faroe islands and played some pool and jinga … until we couldn’t handle being awake any longer. 

Yet, we were up to a long night at Athens Airport!

4th September 2020

We left our hostel at around midnight, walked around 20 minutes until we caught the bus which was taking us to the airport in Athens. Our flight was not before 10.00 a.m. the next day – but who could resist a comfortable night on those steel airport benches?

That’s right – not us for sure!

We spent the whole night there, but unlike the last experience in Bergamo, we actually managed to catch some sleep. There was a nice little shack selling cheap cups of Greek coffee not far from we were situated – so every time we wake up, we just treat ourselves and feel better instantly! The night was soon over, we boarded our flights and the next thing you know we’re in Vienna – a totally different vibe, look, weather (yes!!) and way of life than the Cyclades!


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