We Totally Deserved This After 3 Weeks On A Farm!

Journal Entry 11

Skyros has definitely been an amazing experience. However, there was one thing which our physical bodies were getting a bit exhausted from – the uncomfortable sleep! Sleeping in a tent was fun for the first few days, but soon after we started missing some basic things – things we now see as a luxury! We needed something different just for a few days, but what could we do in Vienna? That’s it, we’ll go to JOYN Serviced Living!


Tucked away among the beautiful city of Viennaโ€™s 10th district, sits 131 smartly furnished serviced apartments. The location is exactly between the Vienna Central Station (Wien Hauptbahnhof) and metro stop Wien Quartier Belvedere, amongst other bus and tram stops – there’s an easy passageway to all corners of the Austrian Capital.

We found them through their Facebook page – and after having a deeper look at their website, we immediately knew this was exactly what we needed! We stayed here for the first 3 nights โ€ฆ literally just stayed – as the exploring we did around Vienna was kept to the bare minimum! It was just the perfect treat to recharge our bodies back and get a taste of comfort living.

The Apartments and Interiors

We were welcomed by our host who explained to us all we needed to know about the building. We loved how enthusiastic he looked and sounded to greet us and show us around – unlike others we experienced in the past where we could totally see that he/she had already made this exact speech like a million times!

JOYN offers five types of apartments, starting from the basic room (which caters for one individual), apartment smart, apartment smart plus, apartment studio and apartment studio plus.

We had all the household commodities right in a small stylish studio, including a kitchenette, a flat-screen TV (Charlon – “where I could finally watch my football in peace!”), a sofa, a huge comfy bed and an amazing bathroom which honestly felt like heaven!

And how about the rooftop terrace? It’s absolutely beautiful especially when the sun is shining and skies are clear. You could get a glance of the surrounding area, while sipping on either a hot coffee or maybe on an Aperol spritz. Why not get fancy, aye?

Apart from the apartment, all guests have access to the working space on the ground floor. The high-speed internet (which was available all around the building) and the trendiness of the place attracted us to go downstairs over and over again (okay … and the free coffee as well!). We just sat there, worked and sometimes ended up looking out of the glass window staring at life just passing by!

The Stay

Well, JOYN is suitable for everyone. Not only they’ve got different apartment types to suit different budgets (stays go as low as โ‚ฌ35 per night!) – but the team also cater for short and long stays. It’s the perfect choice for short vacationers, tourists, business travellers and others who for some reason may want to settle in Vienna for a determined period of time.

Ohh … almost forgot … for an additional teeny tiny fee, any guest can use the washing machines, better known as the WeWash machines. Another perk is the room cleaning which happens once a week. Isn’t that great to just find your room clean and fresh?

Things To Do When Staying in JOYN Vienna

Vienna city centre … local market … parks … restaurants … let us tell you all about it!

Okay. So, in reality, there are endless things to do near the JOYN serviced apartments as like we said before, the location is easily connected to all corners of the city. One can get to the city centre in just 15 minutes using the train or underground metro, where one can enjoy all sorts of touristic spots … and one of the most famous, being undoubtedly – St. Stephen’s Cathedral.


A beautiful refreshing park sits just a 2-minute walk away from the block, along with supermarkets, bars and restaurants. Another 15-minute ride on public transport can take you to one of the most popular local markets in Vienna – Naschmarkt. There one can find all sorts of stuff being sold – from food to clothes and souvenirs … and you’ll most likely be faced with a free tasting of falafel and hummus.

Charlon Any stadium hoppers around? Besides the giants Austria Wien and Rapid Wien (which I still have to visit!), Vienna is filled with smaller local clubs competing in the lower divisions. During our time at JOYN, I managed to visit and watch two of these matches, both playing in the Austrian Landesliga (4th Division). The atmosphere was so local, one of the ‘stadiums’ had practically no seats to sit on – so people were either standing or else just sitting on the grass scattered all around the pitch!

JOYN | The Verdict

Toll! Fantastisch! Superb!

It was just what we needed to get our energy levels back in shape, and it was so wonderful to get a taste of the services JOYN offers to their lucky guests. Itโ€™s one of those places we luckily had the opportunity to call home for a while.


But the real verdict comes in three words – WE’LL BE BACK! Either in Vienna, Munich, Cologne … or maybe in one of the cities JOYN plans to be present in the near future.


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