Prague Served Us As The Perfect Nomadic City!

Journal Entry 17

Unfortunately for us (and the rest of the country), the COVID-19 situation has only been going downhill around the Czech Republic. And since we’ve been here, it doesn’t look like getting any better. In fact, the government announced a state of emergency on the same day we arrived in Brno, which automatically caused our English teaching experience to be cancelled. Therefore, we opted to explore the magical town of Karlovy Vary instead. Things continued to escalate, and on our last day in town, the government implemented another set of restrictions – some of which forced all bars, restaurants and basically the majority of businesses to close down.

As you can imagine, we already had plans to visit the capital city. We couldn’t have left the country without seeing what Prague has to offer. And just like that, we arrived – just one and a half hours away from Karlovy Vary.

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Our Main Task in Prague

We arrived in Prague with a big job on our hands, trying to figure out where we were going to set foot after the next six days. We had no plans as of yet, as all the options we were going for seemed to backfire at some point or another. Don’t get us wrong, we were still so looking forward to exploring the city – especially now, when we could have the most beautiful parts of Prague all to ourselves without all the usual crowds.

This Is Why We Chose Miss Sophie’s Downtown!

We needed space (and time) to work. Miss Sophie’s Downtown is an ideal hotel for any nomadic traveller looking to take some time to get back on track. The rooms are so spacious, and they act as a great office space – which worked wonders for what we had in mind. And that is without mentioning the highspeed internet which made life so much easier for us.

What To Expect!

Forming part of BOHO Hostels & Hotels, Miss Sophie’s Downtown is a boutique hotel with all the characteristics of a high-end one, without the large price tag that’s normally attached to such luxurious inns. The hotel is filled with charm, with a range of rooms so appealing and fascinating that you won’t be bothered to step out. It’s almost a pity there’s such a magnificent city to explore!

Miss Sophie's Downtown

As mentioned, the room was fitted with a lovely private office space, a mini-kitchen and a flat-screen TV where Charlon felt in seventh heaven watching his weekly rounds of English football. Apart from that, we were waking up every day to an appetizing breakfast, served daily in the café bar from 7:00 until 10:00.

The Location

The hotel is situated next to many undergrounds, trams and bus stops. Perfect for sightseeing! Better than that, it’s exactly opposite of Prague’s main train station. How convenient is that?

Check out and save the location on Google Maps!

It wasn’t perfect just because of the short walk when we arrived. It was the ultimate location because one has to keep in mind that we arrived in Prague when all restaurants and bars were forced to close down. What we’re saying is that the same train station served not only for transportation purposes but also as the closest supermarket and other popular food joints whenever we felt the need for a bite (or even a meal)!

But Above All … We Felt SAFE!

In a time like this – travelling through a global pandemic, we feel it’s vital to seek accommodations where the pandemic is tackled well, and not just well but with respect to its capabilities. Firstly, the hotel offers flexible cancellations until 23:59 the day before arrival when booking direct. Not just that, but with the help of its lovely staff, the hotel is taking various measures to make each stay as safe as possible. Amongst many, such include the regular disinfection of all public spaces, rooms and bathrooms. Furthermore, the hotel is kept well ventilated and anti-bacterial gel is freely available all around the building.

So … What Was The Outcome?!

Miss Sophie’s Downtown provided us with not only style and charm but also a bit of luck! We managed to plan and sort out the next few weeks of travel – something we couldn’t manage to get done within the previous three weeks!

The issue was all about the fact that the majority of the countries around the Czech Republic are making it a bit difficult for people to enter their land. Countries like Germany, Slovenia, Lithuania, and Austria are all asking for either a negative COVID-19 test (which unfortunately is a tad out of our budget) or else a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

The only country bordering the Czech Republic without any of such restrictions at that moment in time was Poland. It looked like the best bet by far, especially since Poland bordered one of the countries long on our bucket list – Belarus. However, things weren’t gonna be that easy. Apart from COVID-19, Belarus has got some ongoing situations in regards to the latest 2020 presidential elections. What started as some peaceful protests four months ago turned into rather violent riots at times. Belarusian locals advised us it may not be the best time to visit, as protesters gave an ultimatum and the situation after that may be unpredictable. As much as we wanted to visit, we decided not to take the risk.

However, we still had faith … and after spending a few hours researching – we decided to have a deeper look at Ukraine. After contacting the Ukrainian embassy, we were told that entering the country from Poland isn’t an issue at the moment (that is if, within the last 14-days, one has not been in any of the country’s RED LIST). And yep, you’ve guessed it! The Czech Republic is indeed on their red list.

The Plan As Of Now

The only way now is to spend a minimum of 14-days in Poland. We managed to secure a 16-hour bus trip to Bialystok, including a 4-hour layover in the German capital of Berlin. The plan is to then travel south to Krakow, where we’re in contact with a lovely family through Workaway who happily agreed to host us for this time period. After that, we have a little trip for someone special to us planned out (he’s probably reading this) – but we won’t give anything about that yet!

For now, we’ll enjoy the quiet and beautiful streets of Prague, with a peaceful mind that we’re settled at least for the next few weeks. Well, we at least like to think so!


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