Closing Off 2020 – Cesano di Roma to Malta

Journal Entry 22

As much as we’re glad to be home with our families for the holidays, we really can’t stop thinking about the amazing experience Italy offered us during the past few weeks! Not only did we get to live in a 1000-year-old castle, but we also had our very first go at living like locals … in one hell of a beautiful town – Cesano di Roma. We can’t recommend this place enough, and not just for long-term visits but even for a short holiday trip.

Here’re is why. Let us point out some of the positives!

1. It’s Just a €1 35-Minute Train Ride to Rome

Cesano di Roma is a small town that’s surrounded by nature and rich local Italian vibes! Practically, the only thing lacking was the hustle and bustle of a busy city, to which we can say – we didn’t miss one bit. Still, it’s just a short train ride from the capital of Rome, costing our pockets a €1 fee per person per way! This reason alone is surely enough to encourage anyone to stay here instead of inside the crazy busy city.

Cesano di Roma
2. Accommodation Types & Prices

To start with, prices are almost half of what one may find in Rome – especially when booking for a month or more. It’s not just about the money! Unlike the big city centres, accommodations in Cesano is mostly made up of shared/private apartments, feeling much homier and local.

We shared an apartment through Airbnb with another couple, paying just under €300 per month, all bills included. At the time of writing, the ultimate cheapest price in Rome is for €620 per month – and that’s just for a double bedroom! Madness! Needless to say, our hosts were amazingly nice to us as their guests. They checked on us every now and then, making sure everything is going smoothly. Once, we came back home to the surprise of the apartment being fully decorated for Christmas!

3. Other Costs

Talking about money, life in Cesano di Roma is much cheaper than that in Rome. Going out for a beer or a coffee won’t mess with anyone’s pockets, and in terms of groceries and food, apart from being pretty cheap, we were really spoilt for choice!

Cesano di Roma
4. Activities to Do & Places to Visit around Cesano di Roma

Believe it or not, staying in Cesano gave us a tonne of possible places to visit, much more than if we had stayed in the Italian capital. This is because firstly, all of Rome is accessible through a short and cheap train ride. Apart from that, local buses cover the distance between two other small neighbouring towns – La Storta and Osteria Nuova.

On the opposite side of Rome lies the beautiful city of Viterbo, a place we would recommend anyone to spend at least a day in! While you’re in Viterbo, go the extra mile and pay a visit to the neighbouring town of Montefiascone. Apart from the amazing views and legends, the town produces one of the finest Italian white wines – Est! Est!! Est!!!

Cesano di Roma

A little bonus to those who love going on medium-long walks – many other beautiful towns lie between one to two hours from Cesano, particularly the walk towards the town of Formello which is a beautiful one along an amazing rainwater valley.

5. And Finally … The Locals Would Love You!

It’s true, they really would! Being such a small town, the locals aren’t that used to having tourists around. Not everybody is fluent in English, but we really felt people wanted to connect with to us! Storekeepers would greet us every morning, “Aa Buongiorno, la Coppia Maltese!”. Even regular people in cafe’s, they were very interested why a couple in their 20’s were spending such a long time in this small town. They all say that usually, the vast majority of the younger generation is just mad to get to the city, away from the quiet and ‘boring’ town of Cesano di Roma. Apart from the interaction itself being fun, they made us feel very welcome within the community. We were so pleased to have chosen Cesano di Roma as a temporary base close to the Italian capital!

Back Home For The Holidays

Being so close to home, it would have never felt right to spend Christmas and the New Year away from our families. Having said that, we booked a flight back to Malta and after a rollercoaster of events to determine if we’d be able to fly back home or not, we made it! We can’t explain how excited we felt – after 5 months – which is the longest we’ve ever been away from home. At the same time, we surely felt fulfilled with all the experiences we gathered, experiences of all sorts and kinds! However, the most special part is that now we flew back to Malta with quite a long list of people we now call friends from all around the globe! The big question now is;


We want to take this time to wish you all a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year, filled with anything that your heart may desire. Remember that making it this far is both a blessing and an achievement, so make sure you’re constantly making the very most of it all!

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