Countries in Eastern Europe
There is no exact definition of which countries lie where. Is it Central Europe? Is it Eastern? It’s funny that not even the internet comes to a complete agreement. Anyways, we love this part of the continent for three major reasons:
1. It’s cheap AF!
2. The food is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
2. The nature is just stunning!


Bulgaria is the definition of cheap travelling in Europe – and that was the initial reason why we decided to visit! The food and scenery are just amazing and exploring the small Bulgarian villages is an experience on its own!

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Nothing beats a low-budget family trip! It’s the time we get to practise our tour leading skills – who knows what might come in handy? The highlight was undoubtedly the Szechenyi Bath, which is one of the biggest thermal baths in Europe.

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We had an unforgettable adventure in Slovakia. Not the most comfortable by any means, with two of the nights spent in a car just to save a few Euro on accommodation. HOWEVER, we had the opportunity to spend a night in the clouds. How often does that happen?

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Countries in the Mediterranean

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