Countries in Western Europe
When looking at the world map, countries of the West are considered to be richer and more stable than others on average. This is mirrored on a smaller scale, in this case Europe, where Western countries tend to be more expensive than the Eastern ones. Have a look at how we managed to travel through the countries in Western Europe on a budget!


London has been the very first city we visited back in September 2017. Weโ€™ve been saving for almost a year for this trip and planned it just like any holidaymaker would plan it. We were a long way from budget backpackers back then!

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Gibraltar and budget are not mentioned too many times in the same sentence. The Peninsula is an overseas British Colony and unfortunately for budget travellers, prices someway mirror those in the UK.

Can we do it on a budget?

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WE LOVE SPAIN! We just can’t get enough of it actually. If youโ€™re into food (who isnโ€™t?) youโ€™ve got Tapas to keep you occupied all day, every day! We’ve hit Barcelona, Seville, Santiago de Compostela and Malaga. Could the capital Madrid be up next?

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Countries in the Mediterranean

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