Gibraltar and budget are not mentioned too many times in the same sentence. The Peninsula is an overseas British Colony and unfortunately for budget travellers, prices someway mirror those in the UK. The British territory off Spain has been on our bucket list for so long and in the end, we ended up going not once but twice, unfortunately not for the best of reasons! We’re trying our best to sweep the first experience off our minds, but anyways.

Gibraltar on a budget is not that straightforward, but planning it beforehand makes it much easier. Let us tell you about our strategy. Below we tried to share with you the plan we created to take on Gibraltar on a budget.

Gibraltar on a Budget Guide

A Funny (not so funny) Incident in Gibraltar: 1st Attempt

Our first experience in Gibraltar. Today we look back and laugh, but oh boy it was not funny then!

Gibraltar on a Budget

Tackling Gibraltar’s Expensive Accommodation

From our experience, accommodation is the biggest hurdle a budget traveller will have to go over when visiting Gibraltar on a budget. Accommodation has skyrocketed, especially because of the number of financial and gambling companies opening their doors in Gibraltar. HOWEVER, there’s always a way!

Gibraltar on a Budget

A Complete Guide to The Rock of Gibraltar

Without any doubt, this is Gibraltar’s main tourist attraction. Exploring it’s beautiful views is amazing… and those monkeys are so damn cute. Check out our guide on how to make the most out of your day roaming around The Rock.

Gibraltar on a Budget

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