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We are from a tiny island in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, called Gozo. The island is just 4×9 miles in size and is home to around 40,000 people. Gozo is part of the Maltese archipelago, with a total population of around 500,000. Being such a small and preserved island, it offers a real community vibe. In both Gozo and Malta, tourism is one of the biggest industries of the island, with the high season being in the months of May-September. Many cheap airlines operate in Malta, thus cheap flights are regularly available connecting Malta with all over Europe.

Although very close, Gozo is fairly different from its sister island Malta. Throughout the years, Malta has evolved in various ways. Construction is always increasing, it is becoming busier every day and thus life is becoming much closer to city life. On the other hand, Gozo remained the old-fashioned way. Life is much slower, traffic is minimal and construction is somehow controlled.

How to Get to Gozo from Malta Airport, You Might Say?

The Maltese islands has only one airport, situated on the mainland Malta. Thanks to the number of cheap airlines that fly here, a flight from (and to) Europe can fit anyone’s pocket. Thank God for that, or we would be stranded on the island!

From the airport, the Cirkewwa Ferry Port lies 30km away. After that is a 30-minute ferry trip until reaching the island. One can do this by public bus (Operating only from 6.00am until 10.00pm) to the ferry port, board the ferry on foot (while carrying all the luggage) and then another public bus to the accommodation. Unfortunately, we’ve learned from experience that these are not the most efficient and reliable ways.

The bus journey will take double the time, and the worst part is unfortunately the waiting time. To the system’s defence, the problem arises due to heavy traffic in central areas in Malta where this could be risky especially when going back to the airport to catch a flight.

Another alternative is…

Another alternative (which we use whenever getting home from a trip) is a direct transfer from the airport in Malta straight (through the ferry) to the accommodation in Gozo. This is highly affordable, especially when travelling in a small group of around 4 to 10 people. You’ll only add a few euro to the bus fare each, avoid the waiting time and be transferred in a comfortable fully A/C vehicle (which you’ll need, 100%).

Who would offer such a service? The one company we highly recommend is Gozoway Services. This is a Gozitan local family business, who has been offering such service for the last 15 years. The journey is very pleasant, shortest time-wise and the driver will be there to greet you as soon as you put your first step in the airport’s arrivals hall. Fill in the below form and get a reply with a quotation directly from them, with our discount code applied!

Please note that the below information will go directly to Gozoway Services in order to be able to provide you with a detailed quotation and any needed enquiries.

Car Hire or Accommodation in Gozo? They’ve Got You Sorted As Well!

If renting a car, first things first. We drive on the left! We’re on the list of the very few countries in Europe driving on the left. The others being Ireland, Cyprus and the United Kingdom. After you familiarise yourself with that, it’s pretty easy to drive around the place. We have no highways so most of the streets are town streets.

If you’re looking for accommodation in Gozo and you’re a group, there are a number of farmhouses which are highly affordable and they are quite an experience. Still being close to the centre, a maximum of 15 minutes by car, most of these farmhouses are surrounded by greenery and spectacular balcony views.

So, If you’re currently planning your getaway to Gozo, and might be interested in one of these services, contact them directly using the form below!

Please note that the below information will go directly to Gozoway Services in order to be able to provide you with a detailed quotation and any needed enquiries.

Eventually, they’ll get back to you with a quotation, while happily ready to get you to our beautiful island and experience the truly unique island life!

Gozo in Malta

Things to Do in Gozo

As mentioned, the high season in Gozo is during summertime. Gozo is home to a number of beautiful beaches. So, as you can imagine, it’s highly popular for diving, snorkelling or for beach hopping. Naming just a few, our favourites are Hondoq, Ramla, Dwejra & Mgarr ix-Xini. All the beaches are a maximum of a 20-minute car ride from each other. So, one can venture on visiting multiple of them in just one day.

What else besides beaches? We would be lying if saying Gozo is the destination for nightlife. It’s not and if you’ll come seeking nightlife, you’ll probably be disappointed. During summer this might change a bit, as the island offers a different sort of the disco party nightlife we are used to.

Various religions are practised throughout the country. However, the most common is Christianism. This is evident by the number of churches around the island, with a minimum of one church per town. Each of these towns has a patron to whom they celebrate these local feasts, or as we call them ‘festa’. In Gozo, each town is allocated a week during summertime when the feast is celebrated. Each town tries to do it in a different way than others, and somehow compete with its neighbours to produce the best fireworks, food and street parties.

The Nadur Gozo Carnival – An Outline

If nightlife is what you’re seeking, we’ve got 5 days in a year where the previous statement is overruled. We’re talking about the carnival, happening each year around the month of February.

Gozo in Malta

This is a 5-day period where the town of Nadur, in Gozo, changes to a spontaneous street party where everyone dresses in a unique and original way. You’d find people wearing unrecognisable masks and hilarious costumes. Also, you’d also find massive colourful carnival floats that enthusiasts would have been building and preparing for the last months.

It’s an experience you won’t have anywhere else, as it’s a completely different version of the carnivals celebrated around Europe and any country we’ve visited!

What Else?

Hikes – Along with the beaches come beautiful hiking routes. All of the beaches on the perimeter of Gozo are somehow connected via an off-the-beaten-path hiking trail. Using apps like maps.me, amongst other trail marks on the way, one can hike his way from one beach to another around the island.

Abseiling / Rock climbing – If you’re an adventure seeker, the island offers thrilling experiences on the side of the many cliffs hanging above the Mediterranean Sea. The most popular spots are Ta’ Cenc, Hondoq and Dwejra. Don’t worry if it’s your first time considering this. Most of the companies offering it caters to all levels of climbers.

Boat tours – From most of the beaches, one can find boat tours going into various points of interest. Such points may include caves, the blue hole (a famous snorkelling and diving spot) and where used to be the azure window.

Comino – The third largest island in the archipelago lies exactly between Malta and Gozo. The name goes by Comino. At the time of writing, there are only 3 individuals permanently living on the island. The island comes to life during summer, mainly because of one of its beaches – The Blue Lagoon. The island is yours to explore and will make a wonderful day trip. You can get here by taking a small boat from the exact spot the ferry dropped you on the way from Malta to Gozo.

Gozo in Malta

Football in Gozo

For any groundhoppers like ourselves, we’re sure you’d want to add another to your list. Football in Gozo is nowhere near the professional level. In fact, all the players work full-time jobs elsewhere. Nonetheless, football is given great importance and attention, especially by local enthusiasts. There are just two divisions played. Being a small island, none of the teams has their own stadium. Therefore, all the games are played in the Gozo Stadium, with some of them played at Kercem Stadium, mostly the second division.

Most games are played on Saturdays and Sundays, while cup games could be played midweek. For some reason, the fixtures are only released from a month before and you can access them here. To experience some local atmosphere, we suggest to watch either Xewkija Tigers, Victoria Hotspurs or Nadur Youngsters play, and if you’re lucky to be there when they challenge each other, you’re in for a better treat 😉 !

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