Who Are We?

Hi! We are Charlon & Charlotte – a Maltese travel couple aged 20 and 21 with a lifelong dream of exploring the world!

Travelling on a budget opened a world of new opportunities for us and together, we have decided not to follow lifeโ€™s standard and ordinary path in exchange for something really exciting. Recently, we both left our jobs and everything behind to travel the world!

We always loved souvenirs, not exactly the kind of expensive ones but rather something that just makes us remember that awesome feeling of being in that respective country. This could be a cheap magnet, a football scarf or even a couple of photos glued after each other in a simple scrapbook – something that makes us wanna go back.

One of the challenges of backpacking long-term is definitely packing. All the items that we own are basically fitted in a 50L backpack on our backs. It’s both funny and scary, but this means that we have to limit everything to the absolute necessities.

This is exactly why we started Charls’ Travel Journal. We want this to be a journal of our adventure from start to finish – to have something to look back to and without actually taking an inch of spaces from our limited backpacks. Not only that, but we want to share our tips and experiences with you!

Maltese Travel Couple

We believe that there are plenty of opportunities out there which can be missed because of what sometimes is “expected from you”. However, at the end of the day, these chances are easily lost if ignored. Like many others, society around us always showed us one kind of lifestyle: Study as hard as possible until you get a degree, masters or maybe PhD (Ghax bla skola ma taghmel xejn), get a job and work your a*se off every week until you retire (If we’re lucky enough to get that far!). Although we might eventually fall into that pattern, we decided to do something crazy in between – something we’ve been dreaming about for a very long time and actually enjoy life while we still can!

The dream all began in September 2017 when we planned what we used to call a โ€œholidayโ€, toย London. Budget-wise, it was very different from the trips we take now, after visiting 15 countries. We have learned how to avoid extra costs while still having the utmost memory of the trip. Besides, this different perspective showed us ways we can manage our travel budget better, which enabled us to travel more with the same amount of money. In the last two years, while sitting for our degrees and working part-time, we managed to visit 13 countries in Europe, 1 in Asia & 1 in Africa.ย 

To be able to do so, we had to change our way of living back home – mainly giving up standard activities such as parties, takeaways and regularly dining out. Now that you know us, how about you officially become part of our travelling family by subscribing to our blog below! We promise, no crappy emails – just a shout out whenever an awesome blog is posted!

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Whatโ€™s The Plan? 

The short-term plan is to backpack through Europe until December. Our aim is to move over to Asia after that, but it all depends on the COVID-19 situation at the time. We can’t say much about the future because in reality, we have no idea yet – that’s the fun of it! We created Charls’ Travel Journal to take you on this journey with us. Through our regular posts, we’ll share with you our experiences, highs and lows. This way, you’ll have a platform to refer to when it’s your turn to visit.

What Did Travelling Teach Us So Far?

Besides unforgettable experiences, meeting new people, stadium hopping and tasting new delicious cuisine, travelling has taught us that there is no definition of success. The most important thing is to have a positive mindset and the will to work for what you want to achieve. Problem-solving is another key skill that travelling continuously helps us improve. During every trip, something always goes out of the plan. There is no way one can prepare for such mishaps beforehand!

While sharing our experiences with you, we are hoping this would help and encourage others with similar dreams and ambitions to have a go and make it happen.

Maltese Travel Couple

Maltese travel couple


Charls’ Travels

Charls’ Travels